Simple PowerShell Chat make basic GUI

by Mar 26, 2020

Hi there

Using the code from Simple PowerShell Chat

How could i make a basic gui. Rather then using grid view for chat. I'd like to make a scrolling window for chats with small single or double text box under to entry new messages.

I'd looked at using PoshGUI to create a basic gui. However i don't understand the code enough. I believe the line $process = Start-Process -FilePath powershell -ArgumentList "-noprofile -windowstyle hidden -command Get-COntent -Path '$Path' $Option -Wait | Out-GridView -Title 'Chat: [$ChatChannelName]'" -PassThru opens a new window for gridview and this renders my poshgui form useless as it then doesn't even load.

Otherwise its there some way i can set Gridview to auto scroll and make lock powershell window and gridview together ?

Many thanks