Simplify Routine Database Administration Tasks with SQL Admin Toolset

by Jul 10, 2018

Database Administrators are responsible for an organization’s most important asset – the data.  This responsibility comes with many challenges, demands, and rewards – from ensuring that databases are available and performing for critical business application to more routine tasks such as checking the backup status.  Having simple routines and tools to complete these database administrative tasks can help DBA save time, eliminate manual process, and ensure that these administrative tasks are performed consistently. SQL Admin Toolset (a collection of 24 tools) can be installed on your local environment and used to diagnose and complete tasks.  Below is a quick summary of the categories and tools to help simplify routine database administration tasks:


Review server statistics, analyze index and space usage and quickly perform re-index using the following tools (available in SQL Admin Toolset):  Server Statistics, Index Analyzer, Space Analyzer and Quick Re-Index. Below are some demo videos:

Index Analyzer –

Quick Re-Index –

Server Statistics –

Discovery and Inventory

SQL Discovery can help you quickly find rogue SQL servers in your environment so you can assess their state and ensure they have proper configuration and maintenance before they become a problem.  

Inventory Reporter will provide all important computer and SQL Server configuration and even do a comparison to a previous snapshot you can quickly assess the change and for capacity planning purposes.

Use Patch Analyzer to find out about hotfixes and patches for your SQL servers.

DBA sometimes need to locate SQL objects or search for specific SQL text – SQL Search and Object Search are two tools that can really help to make these tasks very quick and easy.  


Use Backup Status to get the latest backup statuses for all your databases.  

SQL Jobs Management

Remove the manual process of managing SQL Jobs by using Job Mover and Job Editor.  Job Mover will help you move jobs between two SQL servers and Job Editor allows you to view and edit jobs across SQL servers.


Execute multiple queries across multiple SQL servers by using Multi-Query.  DBAs use Multi-Query to run routine queries to check processes and view information about their SQL Server environments.

Users Management

SQL Admin Toolset provides tools to help with user management:

  • Password Checker – checks the strength of user passwords using a standard or customized policy
  • User Clone – allows DBA to clone a user from one SQL server to another SQL server
  • Login Copy – allows DBA to copy Login from one SQL server to another SQL server

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