Solving Common DBA Tasks at a Leading German Bank with DB PowerStudio

by Jan 27, 2015

A leading German bank uses DBArtisan to manage hundreds of databases in their organization. This case study will show how many common DBA tasks are solved using DBArtisan at large enterprises and how DBAs perform these tasks to keep the database operational, such as configuring the database, managing memory and storage, managing security, managing database objects, and more. This is a video replay from the DataU online conferenc.

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Dr. Sultan Shiffa is a senior software consultant for Enterprise Data Management at Embarcadero technologies and works as an expert for complex and diverse data management solutions. He assists Embarcadero's largest customers in the development of methodologies for integrating Embarcadero database products into their existing processes. Before joining Embarcadero he worked for more than a decade as an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) DBA and database consultant.