SQL Compliance Manager 4.5 is now available

by Jul 31, 2014

We are pleased to announce the general availability of SQL Compliance Manager v 4.5. Existing users may upgrade to this version through the Idera Customer Portal. New users may download the trial version from the Idera Website. This release includes the following features:

SQL Server 2014 support

SQL Compliance Manager supports the use of SQL Server 2014.


Windows Server 2012 cluster deployment support 

This version of SQL Compliance Manager allows you to install in a Windows Server 2012 clustered environment.


Ability to audit the local SQL Server instance running the Collection Server on a cluster 

SQL Compliance Manager allows you to audit a virtual SQL Server instance, including the local instance, on a cluster running the Collection Server.


Schedule automatic archives 

SQL Compliance Manager now allows you to schedule automatic archiving. You can select from daily, weekly, or monthly options.


Specify archive database drive 

When setting up archiving, you can specify the drive where you want SQL Compliance Manager to store the archive database through the Archive Preferences window.


Receive alerts through SNMP 

Users can select to receive alerts as SNMP Trap messages to a specified destination network management console.


Before-After data values display NULL when there is no value 

After collecting data, if there is no before or after data available, SQL Compliance Manager displays “NULL” in the Before Value and After Value columns of the Event Properties window.


Supports PCI DSS v3 

SQL Compliance Manager now supports Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) v3.0.


Table compression improvement 

The data type format in a number of highly-utilized tables has been changed to improve data compression.


Installation process improvement 

The SQL Compliance Manager installer now checks the permissions on the trace directory and the Idera folders to ensure that the service account is appropriately added with full control permissions for processing.


Database usage improvement pertaining to failed inserts 

SQL Compliance Manager now allows reuse of event IDs in the event of a failed data insert.



A number of bug fixes, small feature requests, and enhancements beyond those listed above have also been included in this release.


Questions or comments? Please let us know in the SQL Compliance Manager Forum.