SQL Diagnostic Manger for SQL Server: Alert Response: Add Exclusion list to "Where SQL Server Instance has a tag" condition

by Feb 9, 2021

We have a tag for Prod servers to only create P2 alerts for production servers.  A subset of those Prod servers are managed by a different group (applicable Tag). Setting up the tag-specific alert is no problem, but I would like to have an easy way to also EXCLUDE that tag from my “all other prod servers” alert.

My hack work around right now is another tag “Not blah”, but that requires that it be applied to any new instances… If I could have my standard alert exclude instances with the “Blah” tag, that would prevent alerts from being missed if the “Not blah” tag doesn’t get applied to a new server…

Basically add: “Exclude SQL Server Instances that has a tag in specified list