SQL Elements 1.1 review notes

by Apr 24, 2014


My team has installed 1.1 and we have been using it for around a week now and have a few notes to pass on.

In Instance View if we choose to FILTER by tag, we only see two servers returned when we choose a single tag. For example, we have several servers tagged as Production in our environment, if we open the Tags filter and click the “By Count” radio button, it shows the correct number of Production servers, but when we check the box for the Production tag, only two are returned. Same for other tags.

Ability to delete records from the Instances > Ignored view (We want to get rid of the NA’s (Falsely found servers)). Some might come back, but if not, we’d like to reduce the clutter

Ability in Administration > “Manage Discovery Options” to have a check-box to not discover NA Versions’s maybe also ignore specific editions (don’t discover Express/workstation/Developer etc.)

Administration > “Manage Discovery Options” multiple logins per domain (or ability to have multiple domains with the same name, but different login)

For Version filtering (on any page with that filter (Instances main page, Explorer)) instead of seeing tons of different versions (one for each SP applied), have them all rolled up into a 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014, etc with a plus box to the left of the name that people could click if they wanted to drill down to specific patch/version

Monitoring Thresholds; we would like to set the threshold for monitoring alerts (health check alerts). 79% of disk full is something we don’t care to see, we would set it for a much higher number. Consider making this a per monitored instance value?

Ability to view and reset dismissed alerts