sql file results to file

by Jul 2, 2022

I have an sql file with 2500+ select statements. I want to run this file and have the results sent to a single file. These points are what I have tried.

  • The “Save Results” button doesn’t do anything when I click it.
  • When executing a file, sometimes it sends each individual result to it’s own gui grid. When it does only displays the results of the first query in the grid all subsequent queries provide no results.
  • More often the results have an empty gray screen for the grid results. 
  • If the “Save Results” button is to provide an export function to save the results to a file, it does not work.

I need to be able to execute a script file against a database and have the result sent to a text /csv file. 

Is there a way to do this with a Fluidshell, Powershell script, or something at the command prompt that will help me do this. I am trying to do this with a Redshift database but will also need to be able to do this from other types of databases. If there is can you provide a example?




Thomas Conrad 4 months ago
Hi Frank,

This might work for you… After you run your queries and the results are in the individual grids, use the File->Save Results to save the info to a .csv file like:

You can also do something similar with text but it won’t be formatted like csv.

Please give that a try…