SQL Inventory Manager 2.4 General Availability

by Jul 28, 2017

We are pleased to announce the general availability of SQL Inventory Manager 2.4. Existing users may access through the Idera Customer Portal. New users may download the trial version from the Idera Website.


What's new is version 2.4?

SQL Inventory Manager 2.4 delivers a number of user improvements to help database administrators assess, manage and report on complex SQL server environments.

  • New reporting functionality – We are providing a set of reports that will allow DBA managers to assess their organization’s current data usage and data needs.  Database administrators and managers can provide the reports to senior management and business groups to illustrate the state of the environment, including capacity and chargeback information. The reports also give the capability to get additional metadata like tags and custom inventory fields so users can easily find the servers or databases they are interested in. The reports can be deployed to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services using a Report Utility (packaged with SQL Inventory Manager).  The reports include: 
    • Inventory Report – provides a view of the SQL Servers and databases in the environment being managed by SQL Inventory Manager.  Database administrators can use the report to assess whether they need additional capacity / resources (servers, disk, or man power).
    • Health Check Report – gives a view of the state of the SQL Server and databases in terms of their status (up/down) and Inventory Manager’s built-in health checks like last backup date and tempdb configuration.
    • Chargeback Report – presents a set of data that could be used to calculate potential chargeback costs to business units.
    • SQL Server Licensing Report – provides a summary of key SQL Server license information so that database and IT teams can manage costs and license compliance.


  • New Database User Access View – We now add users and security profile information to server and database details, which adds important context information to servers under inventory management. Database administrators can easily see the users of newly discovered or rogue SQL servers, reach out to users regarding on-going maintenance, and get more information about what database principals are being used.

A number of architecture and performance refinements have been made to deliver a more robust experience.

  • Repository AG Support – The SQL Inventory Manager Repository may now be installed on an Availability Group

  • Delayed Initial Discovery – The server discovery process will no longer start immediately after the product is installed, providing users an opportunity to update the discovery settings before the first execution.
  • Scalability Improvements – We have made a number of technical refinements to backend processes and job schedulers to improve performance and scale the application in larger environment.


You may learn more about this release from the following resources: