SQL Inventory Manager Feature Request: Tree-View/Drill-Down Reporting

by Mar 27, 2019

Feature Request:

Tree-view / Drill-down reporting starting at the Virtual Host Layer all the way down to the VM/OS/SQL layer with software/hardware properties.


It would be helpful to have a quick top-down view for reporting of assets (Physical/Virtual) and their properties. This can be used in conjunction with many of the existing properties and would greatly assist with MSFT Licensing and SQL reporting. Additionally such a report would be highly beneficial for planning upgrades.  Knowing which hardware hosts what servers and instances allows one a more holistic top down view to plan migration paths from both a physical resource and database count perspective.  This can be incorporated into the SSRS Reporting module for SIM.


If we need a report of how many physical servers and CPUs, we can take a look at the report and then drill down as needed to each individual VM for their OS/SQL Versions.