SQL Inventory Manager Reporting

by Mar 6, 2018

We have heard a number of our DBA customers ask for reporting of SQL Inventory Manager data for a number of reasons – (be able to provide executive reporting, determine the state of environment and make better informed decisions about the SQL servers in their environment…).   So in SQL Inventory Manager 2.4, we have added the ability to get additional reporting on your inventory data with four reports:

  • SQL Licensing report – extends the MS SQL Licensing reports available in the main Inventory Manager application by adding fields like custom inventory fields and tags.
  • Inventory report – is a consolidated report containing the state of the environment and includes all discovered, decommissioned and ignored instances.
  • Chargeback report – provides a number of inventory and detailed information about the managed instances and when it is combined with a chargeback rate (from a separate data point), it can be used as a chargeback report.
  • Healthcheck report – provides a summary of the healthchecks for the managed instances and it includes additional meta-data like custom inventory fields and tags.

These SSRS reports are available in directory where you install SQL Inventory Manager.  A reporting utility is included to help deploy the reports to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Server.  You can find more instructions by going to SQL Inventory Manager Administration page.

These four reports are a starting point.  We love to hear about custom reports you are currently using or custom reports you like to see in the tool.  Please add any comments about custom reports in the SQL Inventory Manager forum.