SQL PASS Summit 2014 – An Extraordinary Experience!

by Nov 11, 2014

What a Fabulous Week at @SQLPASS #Summit14.



Met new prospects and also current customers!!

We had a lot of folks come to our booth and discuss some of the key pain points that they were facing in terms of database administration, performance and change management.

We had special guests are our Booth ranging from Pinal Dave, Tim Radney and John Sturrett.

On the data modeling side of the house, we had a bunch of DBAs and Architects approach our booth asking us the co-relation between the two groups.

There were exciting Demo Sessions throughout the 3 days and it was amazing!!

We also had a special Book Signing throughout the 3 days.

We also had Experts in the Field of Data Modeling and Business Intelligence.

We had Karen Lopez and Mickey Stuewe at our booth.






I would like to now focus this post on some of the cool things, I learned at #Summit14.
I am an Azure Aficionado y’all!! I love the Cloud! 
My three Fav sessions was the keynote on day 2, PASS the Bacon Breakfast session and AzureCAT: Real problems being addressed by three case studies!
It was an amazing 3 days and loved every bit of it!!
Looking forward to PASS 2015.
Stay tuned for my next series on SQL Server Shots…