SQL Safe Backup compatibility with TSM

by Mar 28, 2015

Regarding this product, its “tech specs” (www.idera.com/…/systemrequirements) has a section titled “Supported TSM Environments”. Why? This implies that if the TSM version is not on this list, then it will very likely conflict in some major fashion with SQL Safe Backup and not only with the OS.

From my experience with TSM as a Sys Admin in a Windows environment for many years, I was under the impression that TSM would not back up live files at all. And that this was very much the only caveat aside from OS compatibility. Consequently, my team ensured to exclude such files in each “dsm.opt”. So, I am intrigued by the fact that perhaps TSM versions excluded from the list will conflict with this product and not only with the OS. Please explain. Thank you.