SQL Safe on new SQL server says unable to access backup location

by Sep 7, 2018

We just upgraded one of our SQL servers (we did a fresh format from Server 2008 R2 to Server 2016 and went from SQL 2005 SP4 to SQL 2017.  We have SQLSafe with the license key update installed.  SQLSafe Management Console sees the server but every backup fails with:

Server instance: MIAMI, Database: WWWSites

Cannot open backup device 'D:BackupSQLSafeMIAMIMIAMI_WWWSites_Full_201808241049.safe'. Operating system error 0x80070003(The system cannot find the path specified.).
BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.
SQLsafe attempted to compensate for constrained resources while performing the operation.
We have SQL Server configured to leave at least 4GB free RAM which is how all our other servers are configured AND I'm able to backup using the internal SQL Server backup tool to both the local disk and to the NAS using the same credentials.  We're really in a bind here.  We can't move forward with the rest of our migrations to Server 2016 and SQL 2017 until we're sure we'll be able to get good backups.