SQL Server Focused Sessions at IDERA Live

by Oct 4, 2021

IDERA Live takes place on Wednesday, October 6th, and Thursday, October 7th. The annual program is made up of multiple presentations that cover a topic of interest to the IT community. This year’s focus is The Data Debate.

Data is an organization’s most valuable asset. The importance of protecting data resources and using them effectively cannot be overstated. Making efficient and productive use of the tremendous amounts of information available through multiple data streams can be the difference between a successful company and one that struggles to survive. 

Relational databases are one of the solutions organizations employ to handle their data resources so they can be used to promote business objectives. Many data-driven companies have multiple database platforms in play to address various information streams and business requirements. 

Microsoft’s SQL Server is one of the most popular relational database solutions and is widely used throughout the IT world. One of IDERA’s software specialties is database tools that address the needs of the SQL Server community. 

Two of the presentations scheduled for IDERA Live 2021 are focused on the SQL Server database platform. They promise to be interesting and informative to any database team members working with SQL Server. Many of the points made in the presentations are also applicable to other database platforms. Here’s an overview of the two presentations with links to their registration pages. 

Performance tuning Azure SQL Database

Microsoft Azure is the company’s cloud platform and offers a wide variety of solutions addressing many facets of data-driven organizations. As the developer of SQL Server, it only makes sense that they offer a compatible cloud solution, Azure SQL Database. The second session of IDERA Live on Wednesday, October 6th is all about tuning Azure SQL Database for optimal performance.

The session, presented by Microsoft MVP Monica Rathbun, discusses the differences in tuning methodology that need to be applied to Azure SQL Database. While the platform is very similar to SQL Server, there are important subtleties that affect how the systems are tuned for improved performance. 

Monica investigates the challenges and benefits of performance tuning cloud databases. You will learn how to distinguish between situations that require scaling out to readable secondaries or scaling up to higher-tier solutions. You will learn how to increase the performance of your Azure SQL Databases.

Register for this IDERA Live session about tuning Azure SQL Database for free by following this link.

Database auditing: On-premises and in the cloud

Auditing databases is an increasingly important activity that is often neglected by organizations. There are several reasons that a business should make it a regular practice to audit their databases. The move toward hybrid environments that encompass on-premises and cloud resources can complicate this process.

Enterprise databases contain the most valuable corporate assets, and as such, present attractive targets for hackers and other varieties of cybercriminals. Auditing databases can uncover security gaps that may lead to data breaches, putting sensitive data at risk. Conducting internal database audits also assists with maintaining compliance with any regulatory standards like HIPAA or PCI that may apply to the type of data stored in your systems.  

A webinar presented by Craig Mullins brings over 30 years of database development experience to the table. He discusses the difficulties of complying with multiple regulatory standards in diverse hybrid environments. Strategies for collecting all relevant data required for comprehensive auditing while minimizing any impact on system performance or availability will be discussed. 

Register for this IDERA Live session about auditing databases on-premises and in the cloud for free by following this link.

I strongly recommend these IDERA Live sessions to anyone in the database field working with Azure Cloud Databases or whose systems contain information subject to regulatory guidelines. Each webinar will conclude with a short presentation of an IDERA software solution that addresses the subject.