SQLSafe – During Object Level Restore – Order objects alphabetically

by Feb 2, 2022

While attempting an object level restore using the SQL Safe GUI, the objects are not ordered.

For a database that has thousands of tables, it is extremely time consuming finding the objects to restore.

Originally opened as a case; adding the response from the Idera Team:

We have confirmed that the feature you're looking for doesn't exist in SQL Safe Backup in the latest release.

The best place to submit this feature for inclusion in a future release of the product would be at the Idera Community portal, https://community.idera.com .

In the Community portal, each product has a Feature Requests section where requests can receive exposure and discussion from other Idera customers. Product Management uses the discussion and voting system on these pages to help them decide which features to include in upcoming releases.

If you're experiencing a separate issue outside the request for this feature, please let us know and we'll be happy to assist you further.