SQLSafe update notices

by Nov 4, 2014

I get that marketing sends out updates when new builds of SQLSafe are available to those with maintenance contracts; however, marketing bombards us with other, pardon my bluntness, junk that we don’t want or can’t afford. I’m likely unsubscribed from the marketing list because of that and because of that I also don’t get notices when an actual new version is available. I’d like to ask that a couple of things happen:

1) Make it so current companies with maintenance contracts get a separate e-mail about upgrades that marketing has zero access to that only gives update/upgrade information.

2) Code the SQLSafe Management Console to check for updates at a user-specified interval line one can with Java and just about any other program out there and have the Console alert us to updates. Having to remember ever once in a while to click Help, Check for Updates is a pain.