Stacking Alerts and Scheduling Maintenance time

by Oct 21, 2019

Hello All, 

I am very new to SQL Server Diagnostic Manager. We do not have the web portal installed yet, so I am using the desktop version. I just have 2 basic questions: 

1. Is there a way I can conditionally stack alerts. What I mean by that is say the Availability Group Estimated Data Loss alert. Is there a way to set that alert to send an email ONLY when another select alert is present. Just looking to represent a very basic AND conditional. If replica is delayed by 90 seconds AND alert x is true only then send the replica alert. I assume basic conditionals are supported I just do not know how and where to build them in the desktop version of SQL Diagnostic Manager. 

2. I would like to setup 2 schedules for production and non production patch days. I essentially 2 lists of servers where i want to disable 90% of the alerts on each of them on their respective patch day. In the desktop version how would i setup such a schedule. 

Thanks in advance for all the help,