Subject area / sub model pages

by Nov 4, 2014

Am evaluating Aqua Data Studio 14 and am unable to determine if it has the capability to have Subject Area pages that inherit table definitions from the Main page. That way composite page(s) can maintain the table definition while the subject area pages (sub pages) can carry forward those definitions and only require the change to be managed on the Main page and changes auto-replicate to the Subject Area pages.

Thank you.


Niels Gron over 9 years ago
Can you clarify your question? We are not sure what you are referring to.

What database vendor and version are you working with? Do you have any screenshots of documentation for “Subject Area Pages”?

Tariq Rahiman over 9 years ago
This is related to the ER Modeler.

We do have the concepts of Sheets which shows the diagram contents in independent views for manual or automatic layout. Tables can be display on multiple sheets. Navigate to the ER Modeler application menu and click on Sheet -> Add Sheet to add a new Sheet. In this new tab, you can right click on the Database Objects in the Schema Tree and select option to Show in Diagram so that these will now appear in the new Sheet.

We do have the feature in the ER Modeler which you are referring to. You can change the table definitions and these will be managed on all Sheets automatically.

Steve Colvin over 9 years ago

Thank you, that answered my question. Just needed your help in understanding the UI. Thanks again.