Suddenly all Oracle connections started failing with the below message

by May 3, 2022

An error occurred while attempting to connect to your database: Illegal char "> at index 0: "C:\Oracle\client\product\12.2.0_x64\client_1\network\admin\

I don't have file in the above location, but I don't think I ever had one.

I created an empty file in that location as well, but that didn't change the error message.  

I tried JDBC, Oracle .../12c/..., Oracle .../12c/... - OCI types of connections. Same message from all.

I also had existing server registrations which were working just fine few weeks back but have now failing with the same error message.

Any help and/or pointers would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


Lisa Waugh 6 months ago
To make an Oracle OCI Connection, you need to ensure that the Oracle JDBC drivers used by ADS are build compatible with the Oracle version you have installed on your machine.

Lisa Waugh 6 months ago in reply to Lisa Waugh
I just replied, but I am using a version that is not out yet. Let me send you that help file. Sorry
Lisa Waugh 6 months ago in reply to Lisa Waugh
Try this one.…/Oracle-JDBC-Drivers

Lisa Waugh 6 months ago in reply to Lisa Waugh
Go to the bottom of the page and

Be aware that if more than one Oracle client has been installed on the same computer as Aqua Data Studio, you must make sure that only one Oracle Client appears in the windows path. Having multiple versions of the OCI DLLs in the path will prevent Aqua Data Studio from successfully connecting and will generate an error message similar to the following when attempting to make a connection: Which is the exception error.

sdutta 6 months ago in reply to Lisa Waugh
Thanks Lisa for the link. I went through the link before. I have only one Oracle client installed and I don’t care about OCI. More importantly, I explicitly state which ojdbc driver to use in JDBC server properties and it was working fine. So I am not sure what changed. I don’t have write access to the folders the link is asking me to modify, but I will create TKT for our admin guys to try.

I see the following in Help->About-> JDBC Drivers:

Lisa Waugh 6 months ago in reply to sdutta
Yes, I would recommend opening an issue so they can collect all the support information.
Lisa Waugh 6 months ago in reply to Lisa Waugh
In order to diagnose the issue please use your Help > Support Information and your log files located in Help > View Log > Archive > Explore. When you open a support issue using the “Help>Technical Support>customer support portal”
Lisa Waugh 6 months ago in reply to Lisa Waugh
This will provide the information to help diagnose the issue. Thanks!