Support For Ibm Ivm

by Nov 5, 2008

New IBM pSeries Blades (JS22, JS21, others) do not support the IBM HMC. They have their own built-in HMC called IVM. It would be very nice if up.time 5 supported IVM.

I have opened support case # 00019694 (“monitoring IBM IVM”) and support suggests that I request this feature on this forum.

The problem I'm having is that the up.time agent does recognize that there are LPARs installed on the server, but it isn't able to monitor them because it picks up the internal network that is used solely for DLPAR. That network is not routeable and not visible to other systems by design. If up.time recognized the external IP address of the server than monitoring the LPARs should be possible.

Support has suggested that hacking to find the external IP of the LPAR is the fix. I don't particularly want to get into customizing those scripts so I'm asking for up.time to do that for me.

This is a fairly high priority for us since one of the reasons we purchased up.time is its support for IBM systems.