Syslog And General Log File Monitor

by Oct 19, 2006

[topic=”147″]Please use this link if you have Service Pack 5 or higher[/topic]

Log File Monitor

Attached are two packages, the Log File Monitor files for Windows ( and the files for UNIX (check_log.tar.gz).

This pluggable monitor will allow you to specify a file on a UNIX system with the up.time agent installed on it and search that file for a given string. It will return the number of times the search string appears in the log file.

The custom script is written in Perl, so the monitoring station will need to have Perl installed on it. This monitor also requires that the agent system has version 4 of the up.time agent installed.

Details on how to install the custom monitor are listed in the README.txt document bundled in each package. If anything is not clear, don't hesitate to ask us.