Tagging Network Ports

by Mar 6, 2014

With network device ports, could there be a way to tag certain ports with some user tag that a service monitor could use to know which ports to apply to?  Currently when creating a Port Monitor service, you can select ports for it to check, with options of:


1. All detected ports

2. All ports of type (with a corresponding list of types such as “ethernetCsmacd”, or “propVirtual”)

3. Specific ports


I would like to see a fourth option very similar to #2, except being “All ports with tag” with a corresponding list of tags currently in use.  The need for this is because in an organization where you may have thousands of ports across the entire network, there may be 10% of them that are connected to more critical devices or infrastructure and require a different degree of monitoring from the norm.  None of the current options allow for centralizing control or management of the services that are applied to those ports through the use of service groups, etc. making it a monumental task to manage or modify any monitors that have to be customized to specific ports.