Task with Powershell

by Jun 18, 2015

Hi there,

Just want to ask if it is possible to below mentioned parameter in powershell, I am started to use powershell and trying to learn about the possibility. This is from windows server 2008


Settings/Security Settings

System Services

Local Policies

Security Options

User Rights Assignment

3.       Advanced Audit
Policy Configuration

·       Object Access

·       Account Management

·       DS Access

·       Privilege Use

·       Policy Change

·       System

·       Logon/Logoff

·       Account Logon

·       Detailed Tracking

Exporting custom results to CSV
Good Morning Everyone,

I have a list of email addresses that I compare against our O365 tenant, if they exist I write-host telling me, if they do not exist I write-host telling me they do not.

What I would like to do is export the comparison to CSV file: in column A I would like the email address that was compared and in column B I would like to know whether the email address exists or not.

Would I need to create a custom ps object or hash-table? [*-)]]>

I have not really got much experience with creating custom output for a CSV file.

Thanks for any help you can provide.