Tell Me A Data Story – Part Two

by Aug 31, 2017

Our new 2 minute video, "Tell Me A Data Story – Part Two" tells the story of a growing business that realizes that things are quickly getting out of hand.  In the video, we look at how a business can use Business Process Models to identify places where they can have increased growth and data captured.


Understanding the Concepts in this Video


Business Stakeholders can use ER/Studio Business Architect to design Business Process Models which help identify the processes within their business. Business Process models can help to:

  • Reduce redundant business processes
  • Identify places where processes can be improved
  • Fill in communication gaps
  • Increase collaboration across cross-functional teams
  • Minimize rogue process behavior
  • Identify duplication of assets and resources
  • Improve data quality and consistency
  • On-board new employees more quickly

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