Test-connection is slow

by Jul 1, 2013

This is my first post, i have only been using PowerShell for maybe a week (mostly failing miserably) I finally got it to query AD and write a csv of computers in our domain (using an LDAP query i confirmed there where 1926 entries…Success 🙂 )

Here is where my trouble now lies i am using this to test connection and it is painfully slow. 


get-content C:UsersMeComputers.csv | foreach {

if (test-connection $_ -count 1 $_ -quiet) {write-output "$_ is Alive" | out-file C:UsersMeResult.txt -append}

else {write-output "$_" | out-file C:Users|MeBadResult.txt -append}


is there a way to do multiple pings at once or would this skew my out-file data?

Any and all replies are appreciated for this novice of the shell commands. Also I have noticed and used many of the related posts to get this far, i consider this a unique version of said posts…SLOW.