The Benefits of Using a Unified Interface

by Jul 17, 2020

Individuals in many different fields of endeavor make use of tools or processes that exhibit a certain degree of consistency. Finding something that works and sticking with it is one of the hallmarks of successful professionals. You can see this methodology in action by looking at almost any type of occupation or activity where productivity can be measured in some way.

One area where the emphasis on consistency is evident is in the realm of professional athletes. You will be hard-pressed to locate a successful professional sports figure who doesn't rely on a consistent training regimen. They have found that the repetition of certain activities or habits has served them well and allowed them to attain their goals. Golfers are not likely to change clubs from week to week. These athletes trust the processes and tools they use and will not change them unless there is a very compelling reason to do so.

Similarly, the tools that are used by craftsmen often display what can be termed a consistent user interface. Consider a set of screwdrivers that all have different size heads. They usually all have a similar handle, providing a consistent feel in the hands of the user. Some may be longer or thinner than others, but the general shape and feel will be the same. The design enhances the worker’s productivity by eliminating unnecessary searching for the correct implement.

To take the tool analogy a step further, how about the unified interface of an adjustable wrench? Talk about an aid to productivity! One adjustable wrench can replace a whole box full of single-size instruments. When you are putting together that new chair for your home office, would you rather use one tool or six? It’s a no-brainer that you will go with the more flexible solution, as it will save you time and let you get the job done more quickly. No more muttering under your breath as you try three tools that look the same but are sized for different nuts. Just adjust the tool in your hand and you’re ready to go.

Make it Easy on Your DBAs

The problem of dealing with similar yet different items is something that should be familiar to DBAs. Multi-platform database environments are very common in modern IT departments. This is for a variety of reasons including acquiring systems from another organization or employing specific solutions that best fit particular business requirements. Regardless of the motive, database teams have to be able to support multiple platforms efficiently. This demands using the right tools that provide the necessary functionality while maintaining high levels of productivity.

Aqua Data Studio is a multi-faceted database tool that provides your team with a consistent platform from which to work with over 30 different database platforms. Administration and development activities can be performed using a unified interface that fosters productivity. It’s like having an adjustable wrench that your team can use on all of their databases. The tool supports platforms ranging from SQL Server and MySQL to Snowflake and MongoDB.

With Aqua Data Studio, your database team will no longer waste time moving to different tools to handle their various charges. They will be able to access and manage a diverse set of databases from one unified and intuitive interface. This not only saves time spent on daily activities but also eliminates the need to conquer multiple learning curves. Once a team member learns the tool, they can concentrate on mastering it rather than bouncing around to similar but different interfaces.

Database management and administration are just two of the functions of this versatile application. It also provides data visualization capabilities that help you make your data stand out and speak to your stakeholders. The tool is also capable of creating entity-relationship diagrams for reverse or forward engineering databases. Aqua Data Studio will be a welcome and much-used addition to your DBAs software toolbox.