The Bloor Group: Hot Technologies with Dr. Robin Bloor, Dez Blanchfield and IDERA

by Aug 16, 2016

Precise is an Application Performance Management solution.  It solves a frustrating, time consuming, and expensive problem.  When transactions are running slowly, Precise pinpoints the root cause, provides recommendations, and measures.  Before & after measurement completes the feedback loop.  Precise allows IT management to identify users by their sign-on ID and by the transaction name.  IT can speak the same language as the user community.  Precise provides alerts so that IT management can proactively address issues before they blow up into business problems.  

The Precise difference is context.  Precise connects the dots across the application stack.  Unlike other APM tools, Precise shows exactly what is happening in the database.  After all, every significant business transaction interacts with the database:  time sheet completion, an inventory lookup, or a purchase.

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