The New Features in Aqua Data Studio Improve its Functionality

by Jul 12, 2021

The release of version 22.0 of Aqua Data Studio continues the pattern of steadily enhancing the scope and functionality of the application. 

The Aqua Data Studio development team makes it a point to update the product regularly, ensuring organizations have the best and latest functionality readily available. This includes ensuring operating system updates do not cause issues so users can continue to enjoy the product without having to run an outdated and potentially unsecured OS. 

The team is always looking to improve the current feature set and add more functionality to their application. This way, they can meet the needs of the current and prospective user base. The Aqua Data Studio team understands that failure to update and improve an application will often lead to the program losing favor with users and ending up on the Island of Stale Apps. Software developers don’t want to see their creations end up there.

What is Aqua Data Studio?

Aqua Data Studio offers database developers and administrators a comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) designed to streamline a variety of tasks associated with those technical roles.

It presents users with a unified interface from which they can access and interact with over 40 different database platforms resulting in a decreased learning curve and greater team productivity.

Once connected to the database of their choice, users can perform many of the activities required to manage the systems and their underlying queries, develop new SQL code, and analyze data to uncover hidden insights.

Teams can create a wide array of visualizations that make their data accessible to both technical and business audiences. Customized dashboards can easily be built using the drag and drop capabilities of the tool’s interface. 

Code development is facilitated by the tool’s Visual Query Builder and advanced Query Analyzer. SQL scripts can be debugged and version control ensures that teams are always on the same page when developing code for their databases and applications.

Database administrators (DBAs) can perform tasks such as comparing and syncing schemas as well as managing database objects. Aqua Data Studio is a valuable addition to a database team’s software toolbox.

What’s New in Aqua Data Studio Version 22.0

Following are some highlights from this newest version of this versatile tool:

  • SingleStore (previously known as MemSQL) is now a supported platform accessible through Aqua Data Studio’s MariaDB connection. This addition bolsters the roster of supported database platforms and broadens the audience that can benefit from the tool. Features available to teams working with SingleStore include the query analyzer, schema compare tool, visual analytics, and the entity-relationship (ER) modeler. 


  • The ability to perform unit testing for SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases has been added to the new version of Aqua Data Studio. Teams can write and run unit tests using the new Unit Test Frameworks feature for SQLServer and PostgreSQL.


  • A Data Compare Wizard has been added to simplify the task of comparing query and table data results. Selecting files for comparison can be done through the tool’s graphical user interface (GUI) and delta scripts can be created for table synchronization.


  • Users can choose to make their database connections more secure by turning off the remember-password feature. This eliminates the potential risk of unauthorized users gaining access to databases from another user’s session. In these days of an increasing number of data breaches, this is a nice feature that provides additional security to the database environment. 


  • Database teams can work with stored procedures in Amazon Redshift and Snowflake using the new version of Aqua Data Studio. Users can create, store, and execute stored procedures on these two platforms, a feature not present in previous versions of the tool.


These are among the most important updates that appear in Aqua Data Studio 22.0. The tool also expands support for Snowflake and provides updated drivers for a variety of platforms. The updates make Aqua Data Studio an even more flexible and useful tool for database teams.


A video that talks about what’s new in Aqua Data Studio version 22.0 is available and further illustrates how the additional features benefit a database team. It’s worth a view if you are on the fence about how Aqua Data Studio fits into your database team’s software support tools. 


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