The Right Tools Make a DBA More Productive

by Nov 23, 2020

The work-life of a SQL Server DBA can be unpredictable. One might be called upon to address a performance issue, setup logins, verify the backup status on some new databases, and make configuration changes in less than an hour. Using different tools to complete these activities can complicate things and a lot of time can be wasted just bouncing from interface to interface. Now multiply this complexity and unproductive time by the number of SQL Servers for which a DBA is responsible and the time really starts to add up. 

It’s fairly obvious to even a casual observer that a more efficient solution will benefit both the stressed members of the database team on an individual level as well as the enterprise as a whole. The ability to easily handle daily tasks in an organized way enables team members to concentrate on resolving thorny query tuning issues or developing upgrade plans. 

Fortunately, such a solution is available for SQL Server DBAs. IDERA’s SQL Admin Toolset provides 24 different tools that are all accessible from a single interface. Let’s take a look at how these tools will help your DBAs get through the day with time left for more productive activities.

What’s Available in the Toolset?

The SQL Admin Toolset contains tools that can broadly be categorized as being applicable for use in the administration, diagnostics, and gathering of analytical information regarding an environment’s SQL Servers. They provide everything a DBA needs to ensure that their systems are operating smoothly and to handle the vast majority of activities necessary for database administration. Following are descriptions of a representative subset of these tools.

Diagnostic tools

Finding out information about a SQL Server environment is a required preliminary step in maintaining it. The diagnostic capabilities of SQL Admin Toolset enable a DBA to perform activities like:

  • Verifying database backup status so misses can be identified before a restore is needed.
  • Checking for weak passwords that present vulnerabilities for SQL Servers before systems are breached.
  • Discovering new or rogue SQL Server instances, checking their configurations, and locking them down to prevent security issues.
  • Searching for and locating objects or phrases in SQL code across the environment to facilitate updates. 

Administrative tools

Performing administrative functions is one of the primary roles of a DBA. The layout of tools within SQL Admin Toolset makes it easy to get a lot done with a minimum amount of effort, paving the way for a productive day at the office. Here are some of the specific tasks that can be launched from within the toolset.

  • Moving and copying databases and their logins from one SQL Server to another optimizes your resources.
  • Cloning SQL Server logins enables you to maintain permission consistency on all instances. 
  • Running bulk queries and changes on multiple systems simultaneously using target lists of databases and instances saves substantial time throughout the day.
  • Viewing index fragmentation and performing a quick rebuild or reindex when necessary improves database performance.

Analytics tools

Analyzing various aspects of a SQL Server environment can help prevent unexpected issues from popping up at inopportune moments. An experienced DBA knows the value of taking preventative measures now to avoid serious consequences later. 

Following are some of the insights that can be provided by SQL Admin Toolset. 

  • Analyze the disk usage of your SQL Servers to help find runaway log files that are eating up your storage capacity. Use this data to plan for hardware upgrades before you run out of space.
  • Gather server statistics that allow you to gauge the health of your SQL Servers and address anything that doesn’t look right before it leads to an outage.
  • Identify back-level SQL Server instances that need to be patched.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of tools built into the SQL Admin Toolset. The application supports physical and virtual SQL Server instances in on-premises data centers or housed with a cloud provider. It’s a great solution to help tame the complexity of administering a hybrid SQL Server environment. 

Don’t Take My Word for it!

A short and informative video is available from the IDERA Resource Center that gives a brief overview of the SQL Admin Toolset. It runs through a quick demonstration of many of the tools and gives prospective users a real feel for the benefits of this comprehensive database administration application. Stop wasting valuable time and free up team cycles for more productive work by streamlining daily activities with SQL Admin Toolset.