Too Many ‘aborted Connections’ Received

by Dec 22, 2015

We have experienced a sudden increase in 'Aborted connection' messages in the sql log over last few days.  This has led to application outage in some cases. 


Here's an extract from log:

[Warning] Aborted connection nnnnnnn to db: 'db_name' user: 'user_name' host : 'host ip address' ( Unknown error)


1. Our 'wait_timeout' variable in MySQL is set to 28800, which is probably the default.

2. The 'aborted_connects' system variable has a value around 92000. It increased by 17000 in last 24 hours.

3. Our 'Collection Interval' setting is 20 seconds.


Also it's been 2 weeks since we upgraded to Monyog 6.25 .