Top MySQL Blogs You Should Be Reading

by Oct 10, 2012

Top MySQL Blogs You Should Be Reading

There's a lot happening in the world of MySQL and it's really vital to be up-to-date with the latest advancements in this field to stay ahead of the game. Reminds me of this quote by Albert Einstein "Once you stop learning, you start dying." The easiest way to stay updated is by reading blogs. There are loads of blogs talking about MySQL, and even more for databases in general, so which of these really matter and are worth your time and attention?

We've handpicked the best MySQL community/ experts blogs and grouped them into various categories. You can also add these great blogs to your RSS reader to get all industry news, tips that you will ever need all in one place. If you prefer the micro blogging platform twitter for real time updates/ news can subscribe to all of them on our twitter list.

Oracle’s MySQL Blog
MySQL news and internals
On twitter: @MySQL
Get to know the State of the Dolphin from Oracle’s MySQL team for latest updates on products, technology, news, events, webcasts and more.

Baron Schwartz
MySQL insight and internals
On twitter: @xaprb
Baron Schwartz, a.k.a. Xaprb has a very informative blog by the same name as his online alias. Schwartz is the Chief Performance Architect at Percona, the leading provider of support and services for MySQL. He is also the lead author of High Performance MySQL.

Sheeri K. Cabral
MySQL insight and internals
On twitter: @Sheeri
Sheeri K. Cabral, first MySQL Oracle ACE Director, She is the author of MySQL Administrator's Bible and technical editor of CJ Date's SQL and Relational Theory.

Ronald Bradford
MySQL insight and internals
On twitter: @ronaldbradford
With IT and Internet Industry professional with 20 years experience in the design and development of database systems and online websites. Ronald Bradford shares valuable input in MySQL Performance Tuning, MySQL Scalability and general MySQL.

Giuseppe Maxia
MySQL professional critiques
On twitter: @datacharmer
He's an active member of the MySQL community and long-time open source enthusiast. Giuseppe is currently an Oracle ACE Director. He is also creator of MySQL Sandbox – great tool which sets up MySQL, including replication environment. Currently Director of Quality Assurance, Continuent.

MySQL Performance Blog
Mysql tools, fork and alternative developement
On twitter:@Percona
Percona's MySQL & InnoDB performance and scalability blog

Henrik Ingo
MySQL professional critiques
On twitter:@h_ingo
Henrik Ingo, an Open Source enthusiast. The “Open Life: The Philosophy of Open Source” blog as the name suggests is all about Open Source and the world revolving around it.

Anders Karlsson
MySQL professional critiques
The URL says it all, Karlsson after working in the RDBMS industry for many years, has been constantly updating this blog in which he writes about databases especially MySQL and MongoDB.

Todd Farmer
MySQL future and new additions
Todd is the Director of MySQL Support at Oracle. In his spare time, he helps maintain MySQL’s Connector/J – the Java driver for connecting to MySQL databases.

Shlomi Noach
MySQL tools
Noach, a frequent blogger, with fresh and insightful content. He's also an active MySQL community member, DBA, consultant and an authorized MySQL instructor.

Keith Larson
MySQL insight and internals
On twitter: @larsonkeith
MySQL Community Manager at Oracle.

Mark Leith
MySQL tools
MySQL database monitoring and management expert. He is currently the manager for the MySQL Enterprise Tools team.

SkySQL Blog
MySQL tools, service and support
The SkySQL Company Blog, and they also have a insightful MySQL Tips and Tricks section.

The MariaDB Blog
MySQL fork and alternative development
The MariaDB Blog along with the AskMonty knowledge base is another blog worth reading.

Peter Laursen
MySQL professional critiques
Webyog’s In-house expert. And the product manager of SQLyog and MONyog. Peter is an active MySQL community member and he voices his insights on our webyog blog.

OurSQL Podcast Blog
MySQL insight and internals
On twitter: @OurSQL
Like podcasts? There is one for the MySQL community too. Created by @sheeri who is also the co-host of this podcast along with Gerry @seattlegaucho .

Planet MySQL News
Syndicated content
On twitter: @planetmysql
The Planet as we call it, is an aggregator site for all MySQL blog posts, news submitted by the MySQL community. One can submit their MySQL related blog feed and it will begin aggregating.

Other Twitter Profiles
We all have our personal favorites, if you know of any other amazing MySQL related blog. Please use the comment form and share it with our readers.