Top SQL Server backup mistakes and how to avoid them

by May 21, 2022

Backing up SQL Server databases is one of the most important tasks DBAs perform in their SQL Server environments every day. The backup process is so important it often requires well-defined processes, checklists, and multiple database administrators to perform and manage. Still, backup errors are among the most common, time-consuming and costly problems administrators face regularly.

To realize a backup has failed after it is too late is one of the worst feelings any database administrator could experience.

Backup mistakes are often very expensive, always time-consuming, and can even cost database administrators their jobs.

We have compiled a list of some of the most common backup mistakes and provided insight into how to avoid them. Check this list of mistakes against the processes you have in place and avoid that terrible oops moment. I hope this list of common backup mistakes improves your backup processes and helps you avoid the disasters associated with backup mistakes.

Read the whitepaper “Top SQL Server backup mistakes (and how to avoid them) by Greg Robidoux from MSSQLTips to learn more about planning, protection, recovery, monitoring, testing, scheduling, knowledge, performance, management, and tools.

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