Toshiba Ups

by Apr 4, 2009


Just wanted to share my success story after configuring up.time to monitor our Toshiba UPS's equipped with RemotEye II SNMP cards.

Quite straight forward to set up, I just had to add Toshiba's RemotEye II MIB file into up.time's SNMP browser:…20file_1564.mib

I can now get up.time email and SMS alerts when there are power issues in my environment, and graph historical data on the following stats quickly and easily from a remote location:

-UPS Software Version
-Serial Number
-Battery Status
-Seconds On Battery
-Estimated Minutes Remaining
-Estimated Charge Remaining
-Battery Voltage
-Battery Current
-Battery Temperature
-Battery Last Replaced Date
-Battery Life Remaining
-Battery Model
-Battery Rated Holding Time
-Input Line Bads
-Input Frequency
-Input Voltage
-Input Current
-Output Frequency
-Output Voltage
-Output Current
-Output Percent Load
-Alarm Battery Bad
-Alarm Low Battery
-Alarm Depleted Battery
-Alarm Input Bad
-Alarm Output Bad
-Alarm Output Overload
-Alarm Charger Failed
-Alarm Ups System Off
-Alarm Fuse Failure
-Alarm General Fault
-Alarm Replace Batt Soon
-Alarm Input Over Current
-Alarm DC Over Current
-Alarm DC Over Voltage

Thought this information may be useful to a few people.

Thanks Up.Time!