unable to read value in excel

by Apr 26, 2018

    $xl = New-Object -Com "Excel.Application"
    $xl.Visible = $true
    $wb = $xl.Workbooks.Open("C:UsersVIKRAMDocumentsBook1.xlsx")
    $ws = $wb.Sheets.Item(1)
    #Looking up a value in one column and assigning the corresponding value from another column to a variable could be done like this:

    for ($i = 1; $i -le 10; $i++) {
    if ($ws.Cells.Item($i, 2).value2 -eq "FALSE"){
    #$get=$ws.Cells.Item($i, 1).Value
    Write-Host $ws.Cells.Item($i,1).Value2|Out-File "C:UsersVIKRAMDocumentsBook2.txt"

excel -Book1

ffff FALSE
hhhh'bbb FALSE
vffd TRUE
jghj FALSE
jhhj FALSE
nbgh FALSE
cxb TRUE

Initially I could receive output but it got stopped and now nothing was retrieved – No error as well.

I should get value in col1 if the column2 has FALSE.

Any help would be highly appreciated..

Thanks in advance