Understand the role of data architects in data governance

by Apr 25, 2022

Effective data governance programs are partnerships between the business and technical parts of the organization. Often, organizations focus more on one side of the house than on the other, when in reality, governance-like activities are already taking place all over. Data architects govern the design of the organization’s data architecture by defining and governing how people store, consume, integrate, and manage data across the organization. It would be silly to build a data governance program without their participation and guidance.

Watch the educational webinar “The role of the data architect in data governance” with Robert Seiner to learn more about the role of the data architect in a data governance program. Robert will share examples of how data governance programs have leveraged data architects and the impact of that involvement. Data architects already practice execution and enforcement of authority over managing data and data-related assets. Discover why they are the perfect partner for data governance.

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