Up.time 5.2 And Esx

by Aug 20, 2009

I'm looking around the site trying to find as many details about the ESX agent as possible, but there doesn't seem to be much.

Please forgive me (and bear with me) as I'm new to ESX, but I understand the basis for how it works.

The only agent I can seem to find on the site states it's a legacy agent, and support is provided as best as possible…. is this agent still the recommended method for monitoring ESX machines? If so where can I find more details about the installation process? Should I be using the 'esxupdate' util or an rpm installer? It appears ESX has roots in Red Hat, but uses a custom kernel, with what is I'm sure a very custom tool set.

Can anyone provide any guidance on the subject?

Best Regards,
Ben Williamson