Updated Free Tool: PowerShell Scripts for SQL Server 6.0: Added Scripts for Microsoft Azure SQL Database

by Jul 13, 2018

IDERA released an update of its free tool PowerShell Scripts for SQL Server. This release features 15 new scripts for Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

For Azure SQL Database: Initialize the PowerShell module, set scaling levels, set auditing and threat detection, get database properties, get alert definitions, set and get alert rules, get query results, and get query metric data.

The free tool now contains 147 sample scripts that demonstrate various techniques for gathering and managing SQL Server objects using PowerShell. The scripts refer to SQL Server’s Database Engine, Analysis Services, Integration Services, and Reporting Services. Each script is provided for educational purposes only. The scripts can be loaded and run using default parameters against a local installation of SQL Server, custom parameters can be provided via command line parameters, and the scripts prompt for missing parameters. Load the scripts into IDERA’s free tool PowerShell Plus to review before running and use the interactive console to review the results.

For the Database Engine: Start and stop services; connect to an instance and get connection information; manage databases and script out databases; set adaptive query processing; manage policies and error logs; manage firewall rules, logins, and assemblies; manage backups and agent jobs; and get extended event information.

For the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks: Reduce surface area; check authentication and authorization, password policies, auditing and logging, application development; and start and stop SQL Server browser service.

For in-memory databases: Get overall memory utilization, size on disk, detailed utilization by table, and checkpoint size.

For the Query Store: Enable and disable the Query Store, get information about query plans in the Query Store, get activity status; set maximum data retention size, and set automatic tuning of queries via the Query Store.

For general utilities: Get a list of registered instances, ping instances and get their status, set aliases for instances, get advanced properties by service, add service account to local security privilege, and get and set power plans.

For Analysis Services: Connect to an instance and get connection information, get a list of databases, backup databases, manage backup retention, and restore databases.

For Integration Services: Start and stop services, connect to an instance and get connection information, manage packages and catalogs, and publish projects.

For Reporting Services: Start and stop services, connect to an instance and get connection information, backup and restore encryption keys, and get configuration information and event log information.

Download the updated PowerShell Scripts for SQL Server today to administer SQL Server. Refer also to IDERA’s community forum for PowerShell Scripts for SQL Server, and the forum post "Selection of PowerShell Resources".