Uptime 7.7 on CentOS7- licensing violation?

by May 18, 2016

Im trying to get Uptime7.7 running on Centos7. Yes, I knowCentOS7 is not officially supported, but i dont see a big problem since CentOS7 is a derivative of RHE.

After installing the Uptime on Centos7 (no errors during install) and entering the Web GUI I am given an error:
Uptime Data Collector is unavailable
Please contact your Uptime administrator to have the Data Collector restarted.
For instructions on how to restart Uptime click here

In logs I see:
“Licensing violation – monitoring will not run until problem is resolved” in the logs at /usr/local/uptime/logs/uptime_console.log
“You don’t have a valid license or you have insufficient licences for the configured number of entities”

Is the Data Collector error because of using CentOS7? Is there a workaround? Thanks!