uptime errors, fails to add SNMP devices missing sysContact or sysLocation

by Oct 23, 2015

I seem to have encountered a pretty serious bug with up.time 7.3. Whenever I attempt to add Cisco Meraki devices, I get the following error during the SNMP device add:

FAILED: Issues retrieving OIDs: (. This SNMP device does not provide the OID: sysContact),(. This SNMP device does not provide the OID: sysLocation)

The error prevents adding the devices for monitoring.

I make no use of the sysContact or sysLocation fields in my up.time implementation, and the fields do not exist in the Cisco Meraki MIB set. It seems like uptime should fail safely here, i.e. generate an error, but add the devices anyway. It does not, and my attempts to contact Meraki support have resulted in a single email reply that suggested I look at the SNMP Monitoring Quick Start Guide, which was completely useless for addressing my problem. Since that initial reply, support has not responded to emails or comments on the ticket.

Is anyone else having this issue? If so, how did you work around it?