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by May 3, 2016

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor (Uptime IM) version 7.7 now includes a new Auto-discovery Wizard and ServiceNow integration plus performance improvements, numerous resolved issues and security updates.

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Auto-Discovery Wizard
Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.7 introduces the first iteration of the Auto-Discovery wizard that makes getting new installations up and running faster and easier. The Auto-Discovery wizard runs automatically when product is first launched and allows users to:
• Set global configurations and credentials
• Discovers all types of devices in a single pass
• Adds monitoring and alerting at the same time the device is added.
• Using the new wizard can reduce time for new customers to get up and collecting data by ½ to ¾. Existing customers can also use the wizard to speed up the time it takes to add new devices.
Wizard: Devices to Discover

Wizard: Discovering Devices
The wizard can be rerun anytime to discover any newly added devices.

Offers ServiceNow Integration for Service Tickets
ServiceNow Integration is new functionality added to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor to automatically generate tickets in ServiceNow. When an email alert is generated in Uptime Infrastructure Monitor, an incident ticket is created in ServiceNow under the Incident tab corresponding to that alert.

Database Performance Improvements
Over 50 new database indexes are added to the database for this release. These indexes significantly improve Uptime Infrastructure Monitor data access times and speed up data display and report generation. Increases speeds at which certain reports, ad hoc graphing, dashboards, gadget controls, etc. In some cases loads that took two minutes now take only 20 second.

Improved Usability
Uptime Infrastructure Monitor includes the following usability improvements:
• New main menu styling. Updated Current user and Help dropdowns
• Left menu updates including highlighting the Graphing/Services/Info tab options and active page name
• Highlighting elements that are in temporary maintenance in Infrastructure

Maitenance Mode Highlighting - New Help Dropdown

Many Plugins Now Included by Default
Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.7 now includes the following plugins by default, meaning that you no longer have to visit The Grid to download:
Service Monitors added:
o Apache Tomcat monitor
o Log File monitor
o File directory monitor
o Log file monitor
o Amazon EC2 instance-performance monitor
o Amazon EC2 monitor
o Citrix XenApp monitor
o Citrix XenServer monitor
o IIS webpage check monitor
o Oracle query monitor
o SharePoint 2010 monitor
o SQL Server query monitor
o SSL certificate expiry check monitor
o Windows System Uptime monitor
o Uptime status general monitor
o Uptime status performance monitor

Gadgets added:
o Topology Tree
Easily view the health of your infrastructure’s core topology using this interactive topology gadget. View the entire topology or pick and choose which segments to focus on.
o Element Status Chart
Use this gadget to display the service monitor status in a pie or bar chart format for a single element.
o Element Panel
Display detailed availability information for a single element including topological parents status and service monitor status.
o Group Status Chart
Use this gadget to display the element or service monitor status in a pie or bar chart format for a group of elements.
o Incident Panel
The incident panel provides up to the second details on current outages in your environment so that you can quickly triage and respond to incidents.
o PinOnImage
Create your own customized status view of IT service, application, geography, topology, workflows or anything else you can dream up. Use a custom image as your background and place pins to indicate status.
o Capacity Planning What If
The Capacity Planning What-If gadget allows you to analyze the available capacity of monitored sytems based on common performance metrics and a set of user-defined assumptions.
o Metric Chart
The Metric Chart gadget makes it possible to graph metrics collected by Uptime in just a few clicks.
o Capacity Planning
Allows you to view and estimate capacity metrics for select Element types. These metrics include:
• OS Memory
• OS Filesystem
• VMware Memory
• VMware CPU
• VMware Datastore
• XenServer Memory
• XenServer Disk Used
Element Status and Metric Gadget Example
For more information about the plugins available for Uptime Infrastructure Monitor and how to use them, see Plugin Guide.

Support for Red Hat 6.6, 6.7 and 7.0 – 7.2
Uptime Infrastructure Monitor monitoring station now support Red Hat (RHEL) versions 6.6, 6.7, 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2. For more information about supported platforms, see Supported Monitoring Station Platforms in Uptime Infrastructure Monitor.

Improved Security and Vulnerability Features and Fixes
Uptime Infrastructure Monitor includes support for TLS v1.1 and v1.2. In addition, the Monitoring Station now includes pre-key authentication (PSK). Use Stunnel to configure PSK support Agents. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor now includes the ability to enter as many PSK keys by IP address or range as needed.

Updated Bundled Platform Components
To address vulnerabilities issues, Uptime Infrastructure Monitor now supports the following platforms:
• PHP 5.4.45
• Apache 2.4.18 (Win64)
• OpenSSL 1.0.2e

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.7 includes additional features and improvements, full release notes can be found here.

Upgrade to the new Uptime IM 7.7 today! Download it here.

If you have questions, comments or want to request new features go to the Uptime IM Community page and leave us a message.

Custom Dashboard Example

Global Scan Dashboard Example