Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.8.6 General Availability

by Jul 13, 2020

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.8.6. Existing users may upgrade to this version through the Idera Customer Portal. New users may download the trial version from the Idera Website.  

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is an enterprise tool that provides a unified view of IT-systems monitoring.  Through proactive, comprehensive, and integrated monitoring and reporting, Uptime Infrastructure Monitor gives complete visibility and control over the availability, performance, and capacity of your IT environment, from applications to servers and virtual machines, to network devices. Although comprehensive and scalable, Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is also easy to use and can be deployed in minutes.

What’s New in Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.8.6?

This release primarily addresses core platform upgrades for security and performance plus platform currency.   Platform updates in this release include the following:

  • PHP 4.1
  • Apache 4.41
  • OpenSSL 1.1c
  • Java to 8.0_242.

Also included in this release are the following Monitoring Station platform changes:

  • Window 2019
  • RHEL 7.5 – 8.0
  • SUSE 15
  • MySQL 8 shipped with Uptime
  • SQL Server 2019
  • Oracle 18c and 19c.

A full list of supported monitoring station OSes can be found here and the database list can be found here.

We now also support the latest platforms for Agent and Agentless monitoring:

  • Ubuntu 17
  • SUSE 15
  • Solaris 11
  • RHEL 7.5 – 8.0
  • Windows 2019
  • AIX 7.2 TL3
  • VMware ESXi 6.7
  • vCenter Server Appliance 6.7.

A full list of the supported agents can get found here and agentless service monitor list can be found here.

The release also addresses several defects that can be reviewed in the Release Notes.

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