Uptime: Services monitor did not retrieve Oracle ASM information

by Sep 18, 2020

Hi all. I hope you can help me.

I want to retrieve ASM information from an Oracle instance running in Windows server.

I used Service Monitoring (Oracles, basic checks) with the following config and Script

Let me copy the Script:

SELECT (SELECT trunc(SYSTIMESTAMP,'MI') from dual) AS TS,'300' AS DURATION, SUBSTR(target_name, 6, 100) AS SYSNM ,diskgroup AS SUBOBJNM ,MAX (DECODE (seq, 4, VALUE)) AS ASM_PERCENT_USED_C ,MAX (DECODE (seq, 6, ceil(VALUE))) AS ASM_TOTAL_C ,MAX (DECODE (seq, 9, ceil(VALUE))) AS ASM_USABLE_TOTAL_C ,MAX (DECODE (seq, 3, ceil(VALUE))) AS ASM_FREE_C ,MAX (DECODE (seq, 8, ceil(VALUE)))AS ASM_USABLE_FREE_C FROM (SELECT target_name, key_value diskgroup, VALUE, metric_column, ROW_NUMBER () OVER (PARTITION BY target_name, key_value ORDER BY metric_column) AS seq FROM MGMT$METRIC_CURRENT WHERE target_type in ('osm_instance','osm_cluster') AND metric_column IN ('rebalInProgress', 'free_mb', 'usable_file_mb', 'type', 'computedImbalance', 'usable_total_mb', 'percent_used','diskCnt') OR ( metric_column = 'total_mb' AND metric_name = 'DiskGroup_Usage')) GROUP BY target_name, diskgroup order by 1,2

I got ASM response time. Nothing about ASM itself.

Thanks in advance for your help. Luis M Maza