Uptime + Sun Zfs/vmware Esx4

by Nov 13, 2009

1. We have some Sun X4500 (48 disks) and would like to see if we can get some zfs-centric disk performance/error monitoring going (zpool status,zpool iostat, perhaps even some dtrace 1-liners). any pointers on how to get started with that using Up.Time?

2. Been monitoring our vcenter/esx environment for about a week now, and its great, however one thing i have noticed is that I see a login/logout by the monitoring user very often, so much that i cant go back more than 2 hours of log entries from vsphere client. I Guess I could workaround this by pointing vcenter/esx to a syslog server but want to see if there is any other option to consider. There may even be an option to have more log lines available to the sphere client?