Using iAnywhere Driver, how to fix conversion errors using dates which used to work with the old driver ?

by Nov 4, 2013

In Aqua Data Studio 14.0.0, I checked the option “Use iAnywhere Driver” for a Sybase IQ 15+ Server property to test the Bulk Import Feature.

The difference I can find using iAnywhere driver, is that while executing queries involving dates I now get a conversion error. For e.g

select * from orders where order_Date =’9/1/2013′

>[Error] Script lines: 1-2 ————————
[Sybase][JDBC Driver][Sybase IQ]Cannot convert ‘9/1/2013’ to a timestamp _

The order_Date is of date format. If I change ‘9/1/2013’ to ‘2013-09-01’, then the problem is gone. I have many codes using the format ‘9/1/2013’ and they works fine before my upgrade to ADS v14 using the iAnywhere Driver.

Are there some settings in ADS to make it work?


Tariq Rahiman over 9 years ago

Execute the below command before you execute all your queries and you will be able to successfully execute remaining commands

set temporary option Date_order = ‘MDY’

To set this command for your connection with Sybase IAnwhere driver, edit your server properties and in the Scripts tab, enter the above script to be executed upon establishing a connection.