V7.3 – Having Problems Adding Network Devices

by Dec 20, 2014

Hi guys,


I am now onto adding Network devices into up.time and I am having issues.  When I scan the network subnet I only get 5 devices out of over 100 that show connection via SNMP v2 on our specific read community.


I was able to add one of our network devices in the lap that I have set up in Scrutinizer and it seems to be working great, but none of the customer devices are showing up.  If I try to add the devices specifically they time out – no connection via SNMP is possible.


A network capture on the ISR shows it’s getting the get bulk request, and it is sending something back right away – yet I get nothing in Up.Time.


Is there a way to increase the time that it waits for a response?  Since I am able to see a few of the devices return the SNMP get request and I am able to add them, I know it works – I just have no explanation for why the other ones won’t respond.  (Access and permissions have been quadrouple checked)


Any help would be most appreciated.