Value Not Found in Array

by Apr 13, 2011

I am new to powershell and am working with a script to dump data from a MSSQL table.  CodePlex mssqldump.ps1 is the script location. 

The table has columns that return datatype of System.String, System.DateTime and System.Int32.  I created an array that contains System.String and System.DateTime.

when I use -contains to check for existence of those two values I only find System.DateTime. using $column.DataType.  When I display the value it shows as System.String.  If I hardcode System.String into the check it is found but not when using the DataType property. 

Below is a snippet of the code, any help would be appreciated.

$typeArray = "System.Boolean" ,"System.Datetime" ,"System.Char", "System.Guid", "System.String"
 if ($typeArray -contains $column.Datatype)
    { $quote = "'"}
    {$quote = ""}