"Version Store Elapsed Seconds " should be gathered for all kind of active transactions that generate or potentially access row versions.

by Jun 30, 2020

IDERA Diagnostic Manager gathers values for “Version Store Elapsed Seconds”  when there is an open transaction with isolation level SNAPSHOT.

For a database with the option  “READ COMMITTED SNAPSHOT” is set to ON, there can also a transaction with isolation level “READ COMMITTED” access Row Versions and therefore prevent Version Store Cleanup.

We would like to see, the IDERA Diagnostic Manager gather “Version Store Elapsed Seconds” for this  transactions,  in order to be able to set an “Longest Running Version Store Transaction (Minutes)” for such an event.

A few day ago we have had a downtime for this Instance due to a forgotten session (isolation level read committed) that used the whole place in TempDB. The session was open for three days, and the Version Store occupied the whole TempDB, until the instance was not responding and the Windows Cluster Manager stops and start this instance. That’s why we are looking for a possibility to set up an Alert for these case.

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Scott Stone over 2 years ago