Visual Analytics, Visual Query Builder, Amazon Redshift and VoltDB are now part of Aqua Data Studio 15!

by Sep 15, 2014

We have been hard at work this year with the development of Aqua Data Studio (ADS) version 15.0. Our new version focuses on making ADS the one stop shop for your data needs with the addition of the new Visual Analytics component. Not only can you easily manage and move your data, but now you can create charts and dashboards to visualize your data and share them with colleagues. To simplify generating SQL queries so you can visualize your data, we have introduced a redesigned Visual Query Builder with a brand new interface and support for subqueries, unions and derived tables. Many ADS users are business analysts, so we plan on continuing with enhancements of our Visual Analytics functionality and Data Warehousing support. This includes the new support for Amazon Redshift data warehouse and VoltDB in-memory analytics database. Below are links to a full list of new features, downloads and a quick video demo of the new Visual Analytics component.

Demo Video :…/visual_analytics_demo.html
New Features :…/What-s-New-in-Version-15-0
Downloads :