Visual Query Builder question

by Sep 22, 2016

I've got a question about Visual Query Builder. I'm looking for similar functionality to another product that I used many, many years ago (Brio). What I'd like to do is create a data model that ties all the tables together with their join criteria (it looks like VQB can do this). Then I'd like to build queries by selecting columns from various tables (looks like VQB can do this too). The real question is weather VQB will attempt to use (i.e. generate SQL) for the tables where I'm not using columns? I would like it to disregard the other tables, i.e. I don't want VQB to try to perform the join to the unused tables, even though the join criteria is specified.

The general idea here is that we define the data model once, with all the relationships (joins), and then build different queries using only the selected tables. It's very useful be able to give a data model to the users that can potentially generate any query without them having to type SQL.