Vmware Esx 3.5i Support

by Feb 22, 2008

Hello all,

I have talked to a few of you and I know you are working on this, but I have some disappointment that you don't already support 3.5i. I was told by Bob Downey (Good luck to him) when we purchased the product that you are VMWare strategic partners. If that is so, shouldn't you know the product is coming and have access to it long before it is released? I would expect support to be in place by the time of release. That is specifically why we asked that question. Am I wrong in my assumptions? How far out are we from completion on the support for 3.5i? We anticipate having all of our 240+ servers running as guests on 3.5i by the end of April and that will be rather inconvenient (and an embarrassment to me in the eyes of my senior management team since I recommended UpTime) if we cannot provide monitoring. Sorry if this sound harsh, but I guess I was expecting more from you guys. Let me know if I am out of line because it certainly wouldn't be the first time and you won't hurt my feelings. It's just business.

Dan Draper
Data Center Manager